In the works, a non fiction book of stories about my animals.


ISBN-13:978-1517291341 ISBN=10:1517291348


When wealthy Charlotte Phillips-Pierce is found murdered on a trail, Detective Parker Williams finds himself with a long list of suspects. Who would want to kill her? Or, as her son tells Parker, who wouldn't?


From her children to the murderer she once befriended, the list of suspects seems endless.


As Parker delves deeper into the circumstances of her death, a life of privilege, greed, sex, dark family secrets, and lies begins to unfold.

The sins of the past emerge, leading to a showdown with a killer.

When veterinarian Abigail Fisher finds a small, stuffed wolf in a dumpster, she has no idea of the havoc that will ensue.

Eerie howls, sightings of a large, unidentified animal, and encounters with a mysterious stranger and his wolf dog soon follow. After first her friends, then her neighbor turns up dead, Abigail fears for her own safety. 


As Detective Parker Williams investigates the bizarre deaths, he finds himself immersed in tales of devil worship, mysterious creatures, and local lore and legend. And, he wonders, how does all this connect to Abigail?


As the body count rises, Parker is in a terrifying race against time to stop the killings- before it's too late.


Coming Soon!