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Thanks for stopping by.

Just to tell you a bit about myself, grew up on Long Island, NY. You grow up ON Long Island, not IN Long Island. Anyway, we moved to Southwest Virginia in 1989. My husband and I were looking for more space for our horses, and eventually settled here.  I trained and showed dressage horses for quite a few years, until a young horse I was training launched me into orbit, and i ended up with a badly broken leg.  As i recovered, I came to the conclusion that I was getting too old for that kind of stuff, and took up something a bit less hazardous. Namely, mountain biking. So far, so good.

I started writing Dear Charlotte in 2009 after a bad day at work.  It took until 2015 to finish it.  I am working on a second novel, in which at least one of the characters in Dear Charlotte will make an appearance.

I am also working on a book of stories about my animals, and what it's like to move from Long Island to  rural Virginia.

I'll update this site as soon as either one is completed.




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